Scott Beehner & Bruce Wexler: "One For My Baby."

THE MEN'S ROOM  -Episode #001 (Pilot)

The pilot episode of The Men's Room delivers on its mission statement of creating a unique, and original brand of live sketch-comedy with pointed vignettes that -"Hit where it hurts with just the right amount of wrong!"  Such as two “Jersey Shore”  types attempting to pick up women at a Widowed Mother Support group; fun times making "New Friends" at the local Cheesecake Factory; and one of the show’s funniest recurring segments called Bad Ideas -which might be better named: “1001 Things All Guys Should Never Try,” and hysterically lives up to its name.

Sitara Falcon & Cooper Barnes: "Thornton Brothers Trucking."

Sitara Falcon & Cooper Barnes: "Thornton Brothers Trucking."

THE MEN'S ROOM  -Episode #002

In addition to recurring bits Bad Ideas, and their iconic animation segments, Episode Two of The Men's Room, continues to deliver laughs with it's unique brand of sketch comedy featuring Billy Bob Thornton's much less celebrated siblings; "Original Player," Christopher Columbus, getting it all very wrong; and an outrageously adventurous couple trying “new things” in the bedroom.